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The platform is the basis of Lochting. It is the central place where you organize all your sales channels uniformly and manage your communication yourself.

A single powerful platform for managing all your sales channels.
One solid foundation that allows you to serve your customers in a uniform way.
Ready-to-use building blocks that save time when digitalising your business.
Lochting combines

The platform forms the foundation of Lochting. It is the central location where you can set up all your sales channels uniformly and manage your own communication. Your webshop and app, advertising screens, self-order kiosk, vending machine, product database… you name it, everything is interconnected, with no more standalone tools.

Lochting simplifies

A single platform that allows you to easily manage your communication yourself, thanks to ready-to-use templates and a database of products and content. Lochting makes things easy for you while saving you time and money.

Lochting connects

At the heart of Lochting lies a very powerful software platform. It has a fully open API, making it easy for other software integrators to connect with Lochting. This allows you to work with a fully integrated solution.