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Lochting Manual

We are here to help
As you know, the Lochting platform offers many useful functions and tools. You will find an overview in this manual. From logging into the platform to creating presentations for your screens and personalizing your webshop, each part is explained in detail. This way you can make optimal use of the platform and configure everything according to your own wishes.

Work in progress …
Lochting is a dynamic platform and new features are added regularly. This manual is continuously updated and its form is not yet final. Stay tuned for updates through our newsletter and visit the Lochting website regularly where you can download the latest version of the manual.

More support coming soon
We are also working hard to help you in other ways. We will soon be expanding the FAQs on the Lochting website. Videos are also in the making with clear tutorials on how to fully utilize the Lochting platform.

You can now also follow online personal training, where you will also have the opportunity to ask questions.
(Please note that the training relates to the use of the platform and not subscriptions, prices or Febelco. For that, we would like to refer you to your relationship manager).

Do you still have questions or is something unclear? Or have you noticed an improvement or addition that could be made to the manual? Be sure to let us know at info@lochting.be