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Maybe you don’t have the space to show all your products, or you just want to use that space for other purposes. With a digital screen you can show all the products you want.

The power of digital signage in your store.
Use rich ready-to-use media files.
Create and plan your presentations easily.
Space-saving solution

You may not have the space to display all your products, or just want to use the space for other purposes.  For example, have you always wanted to create a coffee corner? Now’s your chance: with a digital screen, you can show all the products you want without actually displaying them in the store. That leaves room for other things.

Sell through your advertising screens

Another advantage of these screens is that, combined with the right hardware, you can also use them to serve your customers immediately. You can have customers order on your screen, pay for their order digitally and collect it from a dedicated checkout. By automating this process, Lochting saves both you and your customers time.

Easily modified

Want to create appealing presentations for your screens in just a few clicks? Perfectly possible, as Lochting offers ready-to-use templates that you can modify in line with your requirements. Simply choose which products you want to show, which information you want to share and determine the appropriate look & feel.

Automatic interface with your product database

Just like your webshop, Lochting allows you to link your advertising screens to a product database. The selected products will be updated automatically, so you no longer need to manually adjust the price or change the image if new packaging is introduced, for example. Even if the product is out of stock, this information will be incorporated automatically.