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Put your products in the spotlight

Lochting makes it easy to design and manage your ad screens yourself. On the platform you can link all hardware and software into a fully integrated solution.

The interface with your database will automatically keep your digital screen up to date.
Bring all your info together on one digital screen.
Easy to set up and manage yourself.
Hassle-free updates.
Important information for your customers

There are various ways to enhance your customer service (and your image at the same time). Digital screens are a good example. These eye-catchers provide your customers with information such as new products, special offers, holidays and opening hours. Your customers will be drawn to the screen, where they will see all your important communication statements. They will no longer get lost among the numerous displays in the store, but have all the info they need in one place.

Schedule adverts during peak times

Lochting allows you to schedule adverts in accordance with your desired timing. You can configure not only the duration, but also the time at which they are displayed. Tip: boost your business during peak hours! You can also show your products after closing time by ensuring that the screen is also visible from outside the store, or by installing a vending machine that also serves as an advertising screen.

Easy to manage yourself

Lochting makes it easy to set up and manage your advertising screens yourself. On the platform, you can link all the hardware and software to form a fully integrated solution. In addition, suppliers can automatically provide you with their own advertising pages. It couldn’t be easier!

Automatic updates

With Lochting, you can set up a product screen that is directly linked to your product database. Simply select which products you want to show and specify how and when. If any price changes occur, these will be incorporated automatically. No work is required on your part! Whether it concerns availability, prices, images or whatever else, your digital screen is always up to date.