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Connecting your pharmacy

To go online today, you need to get a lot of tools to maintain your digital channels. Lochting combines all the necessary tools and you connect directly with your suppliers.

Connect all your devices, applications and suppliers.
Work efficiently with a fully integrated solution.
Directly connected to your suppliers.
Less software is needed, which reduces costs.
Everything is interconnected on a single platform 

In order to sell online nowadays, you need to purchase a lot of different tools to maintain your digital channels. The problem is that most of these tools are standalone solutions. Integration is often not even possible! You can guess the result: a lot of wasted time and extra expense.

Lochting solves this problem by combining all the necessary tools and connecting you directly with your suppliers. The data flows effortlessly through the platform. It’s a single platform on which you can manage all your sales channels. This allows you to grow your business in an effective and efficient manner. On Lochting, you can sow and then reap the rewards right away.

Fully integrated solution 

At the heart of Lochting lies a very powerful software platform. It has a fully open API, making it easy for other software integrators to connect with Lochting. This allows you to work with a fully integrated solution.

Reduce costs

Lochting replaces a great deal of standalone software, making things much easier and cheaper for you. With just a few clicks, you can interconnect all the hardware and software you want to manage on the platform.