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Lochting offers you ready-to-use building blocks to create your own web store. And as soon as your webshop has been created, you can also make changes quickly and easily.

Easy setup with our start guide and ready-made templates
Local business and e-commerce go hand in hand
Up to date and managed product catalog
Easy to install and manage

Lochting offers ready-to-use building blocks that allow you to create your own webshop. Once your webshop is up and running, you can also make changes quickly and easily.

Keep your corporate identity

Every business is unique—including yours. That’s why Lochting offers enough flexibility to add that personal touch. The layouts can be customised to your own taste or matched to the style of your physical store. It’s easy to modify the colour, font and other basic details. Want the same look & feel in all your sales channels? It couldn’t be easier!

Automatic interface with your product database

Lochting’s automatic interface with a product database eliminates the need to set up your own database manually. All the products you sell will be loaded into your webshop. This will immediately give you the right images, current stock levels, prices, promotions etc.