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Product wall

You can create a product setup via Presentations > Product walls > Create. You can create a product wall in three steps.

  • Step 1: enter the name, choose the language of the products and the orientation of the product wall. It is then possible to add the corresponding tags here.
  • Step 2: select the products that you want to add to the product wall.
  • Step 3: create your product wall with the selected products:
    • Create shelf in rack: Click in the rack to add a shelf. You can drag it up or down, placing all shelves in the desired position.
    • Place product in rack: You place a product in the rack by dragging it to it and releasing it on the shelf. This product is automatically repeated over the entire shelf. You can change the number of products displayed by dragging the selection frame around the products. In addition, you can also control the number of displayed products in “Settings”.
    • Settings: Through “Settings” you can adjust the general settings of the entire product setup. You can change the settings of one of the products via the settings icon above the product.
    • Preview: To preview the product setup, click the “Preview” button. This will hide all the settings fields. You can also use the “Start live preview” button to select a TV screen within your company. The product setup will then be played as an example.

Product walls

Demo create product wall:

When you create presentations, you can only use products that you have selected under Products > Sales channel TV screens. Therefore, you cannot automatically create product walls or custom pages with all the public products. Change the current selection by clicking on the button “Edit MT.vision selection (TV screens)”. Here you can choose which categories you want to show. Under “Refine” you will find further subcategories. It is also possible to select which products you want to add to your own selection via “Manufacturers”.

Verkoopkanaal producten

Go to the overview of all product walls within your company. Find the desired product wall via the search function or filters. You can delete it by clicking on the trash can icon in the overview.

Delete product wall

Go to the overview of all product walls within your company. Find the desired product wall via the search function or filters. You can change it by clicking on the edit icon in the overview. You can see the detail page of a product wall by clicking on it. Here you have the possibility to change it.

Wijzig productopstelling

When you create a slideshow, you can select all the parts of the slideshow from your product walls, pages and videos. The product walls are the first category, shown in yellow. Here you can search by name for the desired product wall. You add these by clicking on the plus sign and checking the different devices/screens on which you want to play the product wall, and then adding them. You can adjust the timing of the playback in the timeline. You do this by dragging the bars, or by clicking on the arrow at the bottom right and entering the number of minutes and seconds here.


Add product to slideshow

At “Step 3 – create your product wall”, you can select a TV screen within your company with the button “Start live preview”. The product wall will then be played on this as an example.


Live preview