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Media library

The third main category on the platform includes media. At this page you will find all uploaded media files within your company.


Go to the overview of all media files within your company. You can use the “Upload” button to upload all your media. It is possible to add .jpg, .png, .pdf, .mov and .mp4 files. You can do this by clicking on the upload field and selecting a file from your computer, or dragging the file onto the page.

Upload media

Go to the overview of all media files within your company. Find the file you want by using the search function or filters. You can delete this file by clicking on the trash can icon in the overview. Additionally, you can go to the detail page of the media file and click the “Delete” button here.

Delete media

Media files from producers and suppliers are automatically found in your company’s media library. You can automatically use them when creating presentations, blogs, pages,…

  • You are a company manager: when you create a media file, it is automatically shared with all branches of your company.
  • You are a branch manager: you can share a media file with the entire company via Media > Detail page media file > Sharing > Edit > Share with parent company

Detail media